Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love playing golf.. golf is relaxing. and my love tpwards golf give me the inspiration to build one. my 3rd work was on building a golf driving range out from soft wood. it took me a week to finish. but hey its all good becos its the best of all my work so far .. i got distinction on it >>

Perspective View

Side View


Friday, June 15, 2007

2 shapes and 1 organic

yes yes yes... this project is my best so far... they grade it not becouse of my craftmenship but because of my idea and the design i came up with... all of my classmates made typical work of literally shapes and organic. as you see ive came up with this >> i'll upload the picture someother time ok.. cos i dnt have the pic with me yet..

Wire Sculpture

My god! i thought its easy but hey its freakin hard to build scupture using wires. but anyways this is my first work here. the is industrial theme and its a CUBE. i got to twist it hard and twist it hard did i mention i have to twist the damn thing hardly untill my hands sore!.. well here its is ...

well with hard work and limited time i could have made a skyscraper .. hehe cheerss